4 Herbal teas that will make you feel better

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Update time : 2018-04-04 13:24:52
As the spring is coming,the weather is getting warmer and warmer.I believe most people same as me enjoy strolling and admiring the flowers.Actually,many flowers  and plants are not only looking beautiful,it also has some amazing effects like skin maintenance,losing weight, keeping fit etc.In China we often say,the spring is the best season for drinking herbal teas,as it not only helps dispel cold and improve human immunity,it also has refreshing effect.And its benefits go beyond this,let's have a look!
1.Expert In Skincare — Rose Tea
Rose is a symbol of love flowers,and many western countries chose it as country flower.As we known,rose has very high ornament value,while it also has edible and medical values.Rose is full of vitamins which can maintain your beauties and keep young,so females who often drink rose tea benefits health and improves the skin stats of rough,adding color and luster to the skin.Moreover,the rose tea can help adjusting internal secretion and playing the role of calm and relaxation.It seems that the rose tea is perfect for drinking in the spring,and in the season people's metabolism is strongest.When the rose tea is brewing with hot water,you'd betteradd some honey or rock candy to reduce bitter and astringent taste of rose,and the sweet red dates is also a good choice to improve taste.

2. Carrier Of The Aroma — Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has more than 1000 years of history,and it's one of China top ten famous tea.In ancient China,Jasmine tea was as a tribute sent to the king.Jasmine tea,compared with other herbal teas,has more magnificent and persistent aroma.As a curiosa of chinese tea,jasmine tea always has enduring fragrance and unforgettable taste.High-quality jasmine tea has such features as strong aroma,light green color,pure and clear taste,and it has the effects as detoxifying, nourishing spleen and quieting spirit,anti-aging and radiation protection.As such a popular and healthier drink,jasmine tea is also suitable for drinking in the spring.

3. Guards On The Eyesight Protection — Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum is praised as one of“the four gentlemen”in flowers,it doesn’t fear the cold and has a strong vitality.As long as the chrysanthemum root in the soil,it can produce beautiful flower.Meanwhile,chrysanthemum also has some medicinal value.According to the analysis,it’s rich in vitamin A which is an important matter good for eye visual pigment.Therefore,people who often drink chrysanthemum teacan effectively protect and improve eyesight.And to the extent,chrysanthemum tea is helpful to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.While making chrysanthemum tea,you can add some goji berries to the tea.Goji berries are good for the brainand invigorating vitality,so it’s very suitable for drinking along with the tea.If you want to try,you can choose HangZhou white chrysan-                                                                                                                    themum or tribute Chrysanthemum of Mount Huang,as they are very famous in China.
4. The Biggest Loser  — Mint Tea

Mint is one kind of herb plants,and widely spreads in world. Mint is also called Mentha,and the name derives from a Greek mythological story:Hades (also known as Pluto)who was God of the underworld fall in love with a beautiful spirit named Menthe,and his wife is so jealous that she attacked Minthe turned  her into a lowly plant.However,contrary to his wife expectation,when she was trodden upon,her sweet aroma would fill the air,Since then the aroma plant Menthawas loved by more and more people.Mint can not only relax and refresh you,but also promote gastrointestinal motility and eliminate fats.So,it is recommended that the office workers be sure to drink more mint tea if possible,as it helpful to lose weight and keep fit,and it’s fresh aroma can make you happy and improve your efficiency.

There are some other herbal teas have good effects,like honeysuckle tea can relieve seasonal flu.Rosemary tea can enhance memory.Lily tea can adjust insomnia and dreaminess etc.For now,I believe you have a certain understanding of the herbal teas,but do you know the correct proportions for tea and water?Experts said: 5~10g herbal tea,500ml water.And for blended herbal teas,each material 2 ~ 3g seems the best.Although drinking tea is a enjoyment for us,there is somewhat cumbersome to make the tea according to the proportions.Don’t worry!Nylon triangle pyramids tea bag packing machine from LPMIE can help you solve this trouble.Put certain percentage of herbal tea into a clear nylon bags,looks both beautiful and convenient.So if you want to learn more,please click the picture below.